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47b7d604b3127cce9854ff1077e600000027108Aat27Nw1attEveryone is looking for something a bit different that is why Wiegel On the Water carries it all, from entry level  to the most formidable composite touring craft. Kayaks have been the go to vessel for efficiency and versatility since the days of the Inuit. Now we use them to detach from our hectic lives,considering them a vehicle of freedom from our daily grind.

Many people want to get into the sport of kayaking after only brief exposure to the sport. For this reason all of the nuances associated with choosing their first kayak are not often clear to the beginner when going to buy a kayak. There are many factors such as what type of kayak to buy, should you buy a plastic or a composite kayak, and the size the kayak should be, just to name a few. We know it’s tough buying your first kayak. There are lots of questions: Are you buying the right style?

Are you paying too much? What if you get the wrong one? Our intent here is to help you make a good choice when you are shopping for and buying a kayak.IMG_20130728_151333_005

Considering a kayak purchase early in the season insures you get the boat you want. What most consumers don’t know is that some specialized kayak manufactures do M.T.O. (made to order) so only their participating Authorized dealers have stock on what they ordered in their preseason commitments. We have run into the occurrence when a customer wants a specific craft in a specific color in the middle of the season, only to find out there is a 4-8 week lead time. Buying Early also gets you a more focused sale where we can spend more time with you to educate you with your equipment.

The advantages of a kayak include, but are not limited to…Lighter weight craft, ease of maneuverability, greater efficiency, conducive to transport and storage due to a typically smaller size and an independence unlike most other recreational activities.

In a kayak there are many… Converging with nature, a spectacular feeling of freedom, a supplemental fitness activity, or just plain fun. Kayaks provide a level of Zen like no other sport out there, everyone can tromp around the wilderness but only we can experience Gods bounty at it’s finest on our waterways. You can paddle, photo or fish your way through the best life has to offer.


We group our kayaks by category and style to help explain the crafts intended use.  The main categories include the following;


Recreational Kayaks
Stable, maneuverable and user friendly, recreational kayaks are perfect for small lakes and slow rivers where nimble handing is more important than speed and capacity for gear.  These kayaks feature large cockpits and ample leg room.

Transitional Kayaks
A blend of the aspects of recreational and touring kayaks, Transitional kayaks favor turning and stability on calm waters, but have upturned bows and medium sized cockpits with thigh braces for better handling in rough conditions. Perfect for the developing paddler.

Performance Touring Kayaks
Designed for efficient paddling in a wide variety of conditions, Touring Kayaks are faster and have more capacity than Recreational or Transitional kayaks.

Sit On Top Kayaks
Sit-On-Top kayaks feature an open cockpit, which makes entering and exiting the kayak easier, even in open water. The paddler sits on the top deck with minimal constraints.

A kayak used to paddle in the rapids and turbulent waters of swift moving rivers.

If you are looking to kayak on rivers, lakes, bays and ponds this would be flatwater or recreational kayaking.

If you are interested in running rivers with rapids and waves, running steep and technical challenging whitewater or performing tricks with your kayak, then you would be want to look into whitewater kayaks. Whitewater kayaks are less stable than other types of kayaks.

If you are interested in kayaking long distances on the open ocean then you would want to look into touring kayaks which are also known as sea kayaks. Sea kayaks are long narrow, fast and efficient kayaks with plenty of storage for overnight trips or longer.