History | Venango County PA

aboutusI first developed my love of paddle sports through the help of my grandfather, he built 70+ skin and frame kayaks from scratch and sold them out of his shop as well as a department store in Pittsburgh. He had an affinity for the water and its bounty, he was an avid outdoorsman whom trapped and fished among many other hobbies. This was a passion he tethered through all of his life, he passed these values down to my father then to me. I lost my grandfather on June 19th 2009. The same day I acquired my little 1967 ford bronco. I will never sell that vehicle because of its ties to him and that sorrowful day. This is the quintessential reason I do what I do, putting people on the water has become a mission statement and a dedication of praise to my grandfather that taught me so many values and strengths that have made me me.